Leadership & Executive coaching

Find what authentic means to you, and lead that way.

We help managers and leaders step up in their role and become role models.

Together we develop your authentic leadership style through self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and customised learning.

Success stories

Every leader is unique, every story is different. Read how coaching has helped some of the leaders I partnered with and what they got from it.

Sabine, Senior Manager

"Marion is a fantastic coach. Her approach was tailored to my personality, way of thinking and most importantly to my own goals from day one. She helped me structure my thoughts and achieve those goals in a creative and witty way. I always felt very comfortable in the sessions and it was fun to progress both as a person and professionally. Thank you so much!"

Elisa, Manager

"I turned to Marion in a time where I needed to find my own style and direction. I am glad I took this opportunity because she listened and helped me get out what I didn’t know I already had. Marion helped me understand what I can and can’t control and how to respond to professional and personal challenges. It’s also thanks to her that I am a better leader now as well as a better version of myself. Thanks Marion!"

Marion Tilly

Hello there!

I partner with managers and leaders to help them develop an authentic style, build self-awareness and create learning habits.

Leadership can take many forms and is not always about a title or a position. There is one common thread though: leadership is always about influence, that is your ability to be a role model, build trust, motivate other people and drive effectiveness at different levels of your organisation.

During our 1:1 sessions, we will explore what makes you a leader and how you can be more of it. We will work on the challenges you have and the strategies to overcome them with confidence. I will provide advanced resources on emotional intelligence and mindfulness and we will also use creative tools that will bring your self-reflection where it hasn’t been yet.


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