The story of the Reflective Mind Co.

The Reflective Mind Co. was created to support managers to develop an authentic leadership style. We focus on building self-awareness, creating learning opportunities and growing mindful habits at work.

We work with SMBs and multinational companies, as well as individual leaders who wish to get coaching on their own.

Authenticity is often misunderstood. It’s not about being the same all the time. It’s about deciding what side of you you show at work, and what side of you you keep for the outside, while always staying true to your whole self. Coaching is an amazing way to reach and nurture this approach.

My story

I experienced a fast professional growth that brought me from individual contributor to director in the tech industry within a couple of years. Stepping up to management was a challenge. I had to adjust my approach, learn new skills and focus on my personal growth to be successful.

In this journey, I discovered that leaders can’t do it on their own. They very often need some support to start their self-reflective path. For this reason, I started to spend more time helping other managers grow and develop their leadership style through coaching, mentoring, and mindfulness.

I am now providing this support full-time and partnering with leaders to go beyond their day-to-day, find their own leadership voice and excel in their role.

Marion Tilly



  • Credentialed Associate Certified Coach (International Coach Federation)
  • Certified Mindfulness Practitioner
  • Professional Coaching Skills and Higher Professional Coaching Skills courses
  • Master’s degree in Management
  • Currently doing a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
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