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Understand when you can't do this without support
Developing and nurturing leadership skills is not easy. Whether you are a high-potential employee, a new manager or an experienced leader, everyone needs a little help from time to time to explore their potential and step up in their role and career.
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We can have an informal chat on the phone to discuss your needs and your expectations, and to answer any question you might have about coaching.
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During our first session, we define your success criterias for the coaching: how will you know coaching is successful? We also go through the topics that are the most important for you to discuss.
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Come to sessions with your true self
At every session, we talk about you. We go through what you have done that brings you closer to your goal. We discuss challenges you might have encountered along the way and find strategies to overcome them. You identify learning opportunities and how you can use them.
THE Following sessions
Grow with authenticity
At the end of coaching, you will have a good understanding of what being authentic means to you, and how you can apply it at work and in your life. You will have new resources and skills you'll be able to use to face upcoming challenges with strength and confidence.


A session usually lasts between 1 hour and 1.5 hour to give you enough time to explore your thoughts, discuss where you are, assess your progress, and set a goal for the following session.

It depends on your experience, your role, your current challenges and your expectations. I usually recommend 6 to 12 sessions (3 to 6 months) to process what you’ve learned, take action and review the results together to adjust if needed.

If you are based in Dublin, I can come to your office if you prefer. You’ll just have to book a quiet meeting room! If you are outside Dublin, we will do the sessions on Zoom.

Pricing depends on your level of experience, the number of sessions you want to do, and your overall project. Contact me by email to schedule a coaching conversation which will allow you to experience coaching at no charge.

Yes! If you don’t have any specific subject or challenge to discuss but you still feel like coaching could be useful for you, you should still do it! Some of the things we could do during sessions is exploring where you are now with leadership and where you’d want to go. After a few powerful questions you will find some things to work on.

Yes you can if you have one specific issue/matter in mind that doesn’t require many sessions. I still recommend a minimum of 2 sessions to discuss it and track your progress.

Yes! I highly recommend you talk to your direct manager or your HR department about your motivation to do coaching. After all, it will benefit the company as much as it will benefit you. Feel free to contact me if you want some help to build a business case, I can share useful material to you.

The Reflective Mind Co. is a limited company registered in Ireland. We are also registered for VAT.

I’m flexible when it comes to the frequency of sessions, as long as they are regular. It can go from every week to once a month. It depends on your availability and your goal.

I am usually available from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. If you have any particular request, please let me know and I will try my best to match your availability.

You will first receive an online questionnaire to fill in. It’s important you do it in a quiet environment at work and that you don’t overthink your answers. I will receive your results after a couple of days, and I will share the report with you in a dedicated coaching session.

Fair play to you for offering such a great opportunity to your leaders! I do work with companies who wish to provide coaching to several leaders in their organisation. I offer competitive prices and a flexible solution that allows you to pay in advance a fixed number of hours (depending on your needs), which is then used by your employees as they please. If you wish to discuss your project, please contact me for an informal chat.

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