Advanced Coaching Skills for Managers

Learn advanced coaching techniques from a certified coach. Coaching is about creating a supportive environment and empowering employees to find the answer themselves.

Employee & Team Workshops

Learn how to develop leadership and emotional intelligence when you are not managers, and improve collaboration in your team with psychometric testing.

Advanced Coaching Skills for Managers

Learn the techniques and models to coach your employees to success

Introduction to coaching

Learn what professional coaches know about coaching, their process, their standards, and the framework they use.

Coaching skills

Learn and practice the skills required to be a successful coach, among which active listening and powerful questioning.

Coaching models

Learn and master the main coaching models to know what’s going on and be in control of the conversation.

The Manager as a coach

Apply the skills and models to your day-to-day as a leader and get resources to start making an impact on your team.


  • Two-day training with many practical activities
  • For managers, directors and seniors leaders
  • Between 4 to 8 attendees
  • Includes one hour of individual supervision to provide ongoing support to each participant

Employee & Team Workshops

Develop personal skills in your team and improve collaboration

Become a leader when you're not a manager

Leadership is not about having a title. Have your team learn how to be a leader in their current role.


  • 3-hour workshop
  • For employees who are not managers
  • Group of 5 to 12 people

Use Emotional Intelligence to be more authentic at work

Deep dive in the Emotional Intelligence skills and how to use them every day.


  • 3-hour workshop
  • For employees and managers
  • Group of 5 to 12 people

Improve teamwork with psychometric testing

Use Extended DISC to get more insights about yourself and how your team works.


  • 2.5 hour workshop
  • For teams, including the manager
  • Group of 4 to 10 people
Leadership & Executive Coaching

Psychometric Testing

Coaching & Team Workshops
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